Fillet of salmon (top) and
Pre-cut salmon (bottom)

The Fish

From our net to your table.

FishWife Salmon is Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon caught fresh and then immediately frozen in Bristol Bay, Alaska.  Because it's wild and frozen fresh, it is tastier, fresher, and better than the options so common in the grocery stores today.  You can't get more 'organic' than something wild and we guarantee it's a better product and price than anything you can find.

Each fish is bled as soon as it leaves the water.  This creates a longer lasting and better tasting fish. The salmon are immediately chilled in Ryan's refrigerated fish boat to 33 degrees and shortly after harvest, the pin bones are removed.  The fish is then vacuumed packed and flash frozen.  FishWife Salmon is processed and packaged by Leader Creek Fisheries - considered the Bay's best in quality.  All of the boats in Leader Creek's fleet are refrigerated and require the fish be bled and delivered within certain time limits and specifications.

We offer several package sizes and combos of full salmon fillets and pre-cut portioned fillets.

Each fillet is about 1.5-2 pounds and the preportioned fillets are approximately 6-9oz each with two in a package.

Wild Family. Wild Fish.